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We know a lot of young Japanese artists and American artists. I want to introduce them between United States and Japan. We are going to create a lot of fun things. And, sometimes we will give an group exhibition. We will make a big movement in the future!

icon1 Megane Zine (the 1st issue)
We know a lot of young Japanese artists whose work is very good. I want to introduce them to The United States, so I will publish a lot of their works in my magazine, "Megane Zine." I want to show it to you. It contains art works of up-coming Japanese Artists. 6 major artists from the USA are also participating in the 1st "Megane Zine." "Megane Zine" is kind of portfolio of young and up-coming Japanese artists. This zine will be published regularly and will show great work of them. I named this zine as "Megane zine" hoping that people will focus on this magazine because Megane means glasses in Japanese.

Artist : Anamachy Paintng ( Their works combines painting, advertising and more. Yosuke Kaneko (b. 1976, Japan) are part of the Viwa (Madara-zu) series, GUGAA&MUGAA series. As you can see from these samples, they flourishes in the graphic design sector often creating works for clothing companies, interior design firms, and media outlets as well as exhibiting work in galleries all over Japan. Their work has been used by GQ, Esquire, and in several TV shows. (Pages 1-6)

Artist : Shinpei Onishi ( Shinpei Onishi(b. 1978, Tottori, Japan) Created the Kanako series. He is also a graphic designner, Illustrator and great artist. (Pages 1-6)

Artist : Yu Nagaba ( Yu was born in 1976 in Tokyo. He is a graphics designer, illustrator, and more came up with the idea for the character, “Kaeru-Sensei”, which literally means Teacher Frog. He also created a lot of graphics for clothes, TV show, Web Site and more. (Pages 7-12)
Artist : Yusuke Hanai ( usule participated in “The Happening NYC” show and “The Greenroom Festival Japan.” He is also a good surfer in Japan. He got a great influence by The Road and The Sky, such as music and surf culture in 60’s to 70’s. (Pages 13-18)

I was given short, written messages of encouragement to these young artists by famous American artists. Then, I printed their messages in the 1st Megane Zine.
KAWS “It's not that important for young artists in Japan to worry about reaching an American audience. Create your own scene & let America worry about finding you!”
Raymond Pettibon “Japanese artists / musicians / wrestlers are among our (the world's) best and an inspiration to me.”
Ed Templeton “To young artists: Spend time, lots of time, working hard on what you love. Hard work does not make success a certainty, but there is certainly no success without hard work.”
John McCambridge “Follow your heart and keep your friends close. Never stop creating.”
Alma Allen “Very cool. Keep up the great work!”

The Megane Exhibition in Los Angeles 2009 / メガネ・エキシビジョン ロスアンジェルス 2009
The Other Exhibitions in Los Angeles / その他のエキシビジョン ロスアンジェルス 2009
The Megane Zine 1 and The Great People / メガネ・ジン 1 と偉大な人たち
The Stores Which Sell The Megane Zine / メガネ・ジンの販売店
Los Angeles: Family, Munky King, Tortoise, HVW8, Mollusk, Skylight Books, Mouments
San Diego: Surfindian
San Francisco: Mollusk, Needles & Pens
Portland: Reading Frenzy, Grass Hut, Ace Hotel Portland
Olympia: Last Word Books / Zine Libraly
Seattle: Ace Hotel Seattle
Tokyo: BeamsT
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